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JP-H0476904-A: Superconductive coil and manufacture thereof patent, JP-H0477085-A: System for orthogonal modulation/demodulation transmission for high definition television signal patent, JP-H0477302-A: Production of superconducting layer patent, JP-H0477591-A: Hot-melt adhesive composition patent, JP-H047768-A: Buffer control system for computer system patent, JP-H0478231-A: Space diversity controller patent, JP-H047832-A: Etching agent patent, JP-H0478387-A: Solenoid valve patent, JP-H047852-A: Film thickness measuring method patent, JP-H0479421-A: Variable length encoder and decoder patent, JP-H0480063-A: Medium guide mechanism patent, JP-H0480087-A: Thermal recording material patent, JP-H0480643-A: Refractive index measuring apparatus patent, JP-H0480730-A: Photometry device for camera patent, JP-H0481213-A: Looper controller in process line of steel plate patent, JP-H0481898-A: Speech recognizing device patent, JP-H0481950-A: Automatic mode setting mechanism of cache memory patent, JP-H0483403-A: Method for analyzing electromagnetic field patent, JP-H0483673-A: Printer patent, JP-H0483761-A: Powder solidification process using repressing process patent, JP-H048466-A: Curved-surface grinding attachment patent, JP-H0484671-A: Method for cladding by welding with build-up material on engine valve or the like patent, JP-H0484814-A: Digger for root vegetables such as yam patent, JP-H0486103-A: Main scanning antenna for mobile station patent, JP-H0486363-A: Internal combustion engine patent, JP-H0486440-A: Smoke discharging device in cooking system patent, JP-H0486447-A: Driving device for infra-red ray sensor patent, JP-H0486568-A: Non-contact type fine direct current detector patent, JP-H0486570-A: Detection of peak point for ac signal patent, JP-H0486911-A: Coordinate detector with pressure function patent, JP-H0487142-A: Cathode ray tube equipped with colored antistatic film patent, JP-H0487144-A: Electrode for fluorescent display tube patent, JP-H0487681-A: Trihalomethane removing device patent, JP-H048772-A: Latex added carbon black bead patent, JP-H0488798-A: Electric hot water supply control circuit patent, JP-H0489680-A: Disk cartridge patent, JP-H0490042-A: Interruption controller patent, JP-H0491209-A: Cloth delivering device patent, JP-H0491266-A: Base fabric for synthetic leather patent, JP-H0491624-A: Power supply circuit patent, JP-H0492411-A: X ray mask and manufacture thereof, and x ray exposure device patent, JP-H0492567-A: Picture communicating device patent, JP-H0492726-A: Axle driving device patent, JP-H0492796-A: Cowling for outboard motor patent, JP-H0492813-A: Production of boehmite organosol patent, JP-H0492828-A: Mold-holding device patent, JP-H0493016-A: Semiconductor processing equipment patent, JP-H049381-A: Pyrazoloazole azomethine dye patent, JP-H0493883-A: Recording medium for foreign language memorization patent, JP-H0494606-A: Rice transplanter patent, JP-H0495742-A: Pressure sensor patent, JP-H049603-A: Edge position detecting method using laser slit light patent, JP-H0496079-A: Electrifying member patent, JP-H0496352-A: Semiconductor device and manufacture thereof patent, JP-H0497488-A: Attribute information registering system patent, JP-H0497607-A: Semiconductor integrated circuit patent, JP-H0498476-A: Character separating device patent, JP-H0499678-A: Serial printer patent, JP-H05100107-A: Reflection mirror patent, JP-H05100195-A: 光書き込みヘツド patent, JP-H05100529-A: 画像形成装置 patent, JP-H0510222-A: Fuel injection device patent, JP-H05103561-A: Tank having stabilizing function of aeration and stabilization of water quality added thereto for rearing fishes and shellfishes patent, JP-H05104050-A: Device for controlling flow rate of high viscosity material patent, JP-H05104564-A: Injection molding equipment patent, JP-H05104598-A: 多段射出成形機の駆動シリンダ構造とその駆動方法 patent, JP-H0510503-A: Steam generator patent, JP-H05105586-A: 単結晶の製造方法 patent, JP-H05105672-A: Isoxazoline derivative, its production and agricultural and horticultural germicide patent, JP-H05105699-A: B型肝炎ウイルスx蛋白質の製法及びそれを用いた診断薬 patent, JP-H05106439-A: 希薄燃焼エンジン patent, JP-H05106960-A: オープンシヨーケース patent, JP-H05107649-A: 画像形成装置 patent, JP-H05108859-A: Optical scanner patent, JP-H05110656-A: Automatic calling unit telephone set and facsimile equipment patent, JP-H05111172-A: Battery charger and charging method patent, JP-H05111401-A: 農業用ゴム長ぐつ patent, JP-H05111552-A: Racket frame patent, JP-H05111776-A: 鋼板とアルミニウム合金板の抵抗スポツト溶接方法 patent, JP-H05111942-A: Die for molding lead frame patent, JP-H05111988-A: 複合配向ポリエステルフイルム patent, JP-H05112448-A: Analgesic composition containing beta-carotene patent, JP-H05113467-A: エツジ発生回路 patent, JP-H05113645-A: ハロゲン化銀カラー写真感光材料 patent, JP-H051136-A: 全芳香族ポリエステルの製造方法 patent, JP-H05114291-A: 基準電圧発生回路 patent, JP-H05114674-A: Icソケツト patent, JP-H05115481-A: Ultrasonic diagnostic system patent, JP-H05116058-A: Scanning device and method for using the same patent, JP-H05116556-A: Controller for brake fluid pressure patent, JP-H05117047-A: High-temperature spaying heat insulating material patent, JP-H05117460-A: ゴム組成物 patent, JP-H05117716-A: Production of functional material patent, JP-H05118520-A: Cooling water spraying device for incinerator patent, JP-H05118575-A: Air-conditioning machine with aroma supplier patent, JP-H0511867-A: Semiconductor integrated circuit device patent, JP-H05119157-A: X-ray detector patent, JP-H05119254-A: 逆望遠型広角レンズ patent, JP-H05120039-A: Task scheduling system patent, JP-H05120500-A: Icカード patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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